With a new year comes new trends. The home design trends in 2017 are showing a great shift in consumer behavior and desires. Staying on top of the hot new looks and feels for a home can not only take your entertaining and parties to the next level, but make you feel more comfortable and warm in the home. Below are some of the top trends making a statement for new homes in Colorado Springs and beyond in 2017:

  1. Greenery – The Pantone color of the year, Greenery, is looking to make a big statement this year! This vibrant shade is sure to breathe life into any space it enters while still going well with natural and wood tones.
  2. Community Feel – The multi-family home is not for everyone, but having a community of single-family homes can make your neighborhood feel more like a village than a subdivision. We are seeing more and more developments utilizing space for community centers, shopping, dining, and other services that connect you with those who live near you.
  3. More Work Means More Play – We are working harder than we ever have, so why not have a great space to play when you get home? Homeowners are spending more on playful areas at their homes. These areas range from small backyard bocce courts to huge putting greens. Adding these makes your home a place to relax, play, and entertain like never before!
  4. Bring the Outdoors In with a Unique Shower – Outdoor showers are a highly regarded amenity, but are not logical in the state of Colorado due to the unpredictable weather and frigid winters. More and more designers are imitating courtyards and outdoor spaces in the shower to bring that feel to your bathroom without having to worry about that pesky weather.
  5. Taupe – Grey is on the way out and taupe is the future! Grey has been upstaging white in recent years, but it is being dethroned by the warm neutral taupe. It brings the neutrality of grey but adds a woodsy, natural feel to the party as well.
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