The decision to build a new home in Colorado Springs as opposed to buying one can be a serious undertaking. If you want to have a fully customized home to achieve the exact specifications, there are even more factors to consider. Learning how to build a custom home while avoiding heartache, frustration, and hiccups with the builder can make or break the experience.

The first step is to secure your finances. If you are borrowing money from the bank then you need to know how much you have to buy your land and pay the builder for materials, labor, and other aspects of the home. Having this budget in place helps you and the builder know what can and cannot be done.

Once you have secured your finances, you need to choose a reputable company that has experience and knows how to build a custom home. You want a builder who understands your budget, needs, and desires. It pays to do your homework! Look at their previous work, find and contact references that have worked with the builder before, and tour any open houses they may have. Communication is also a major player in this process and it can be extremely beneficial to speak with the builder, the design team, and other members of their staff to make sure it will be a good fit.

Another step you should be doing while choosing a builder is to get your land purchased and planned. It pays to meet with builders at your lot so they can get an idea of what grading work needs to be done, what limitations they may have with landscaping or design, or other additional work may need to be done. When choosing the lot, you should heavily consider the neighborhood and school district it is in. This helps in two ways: resale and appearance. You may think to yourself, “I’ll never sell my custom dream home!” but that is not always the case. If you do need to sell, these are very important factors to potential buyers and can have a major impact on resale value. Additionally, if every home in the neighborhood is the same size, style, and price, then you want to fit into that mold to prevent standing out as excessive by comparison.

Now for the fun part: planning! After all, how can you build a custom home without having personalized plans? The architect or builder’s team will work with you to give you the floorplan you want with the amenities you’ve dreamed of. This is where custom homes shine – the complete personalization of the plans, design, layout, and décor. Many custom home builders have in-house interior designers as well to help you plan your wall colors, flooring, counters, and more factors to give you a complete place to call home that fits your style.

Choosing the right builder for your custom home can make the process much easier. It also makes it more fun! If you are included in every step of the journey, then you can dream out loud and create the home you have always wanted. If you are wondering how to build a custom home, just dream it, fund it, and find the right team to make it a reality!

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