Homes are getting more and more advanced due to the rapid evolution of technology in the 21st century. Our homes are becoming smarter, more connected, and, now, more self-sufficient. Thanks to Tesla our homes can seemingly power themselves! Their new Solar Roof is the latest release from the innovative company.

You may be asking, “What is a solar roof?” It is an extremely durable new form of roof tile that is guaranteed for the life of your home. They are so strong because of their tempered glass construction, making them up to three times more durable than a traditional tile.

They work by capturing solar energy and transporting it to Tesla’s Powerwall home battery. This stores the power generated for use at any time – whether the sun is out or not. The Solar Roof is covered by a 30-year power and weatherization warranty and a lifetime tile warranty. The durability claims are supported by having the highest possible hail, wind, fire, and glass coating rankings possible.

There are aesthetic options for this roof to match the look and feel of any home. You can have a traditional textured appearance, preserving the classic appearance of your home. Tesla also offers a smooth option, creating a sleek, modern look to the home. For those who do not want either of those looks, there is hope coming in 2018! Tesla is adding two new options at that time: Tuscan and Slate.

The upfront cost of the roofing is where the concern lies. These roofs can cost more than $55,000 to install on a home. However, over the life of the Tesla Solar Roof, they estimate that a $52,000 roof will actually net a profit of $8,000 over its 30-year lifespan. This is factoring in cost of roofing materials and Powerwall battery minus the value of energy and tax credits (roughly 30% of the solar panel cost).

What do you think of this advance in the home industry? Are Tesla’s Solar Roofs the future or is this yet another blip on the radar that is home technology? If you want to build a new home in Colorado Springs, with or without this advanced roofing, call us today at (719) 499-4400 to get started!