With technology playing such an integral part of our lives, it is no wonder there are an increasing number of products and devices for use in our home. Made for convenience, comfort, and enjoyment, a number of home technology trends are finding their way to the marketplace, and into our old and new homes in Colorado Springs and beyond.

The “smart home” concept is one that has evolved over time and allows homeowners to manage and control a wide range of electronic and mechanical devices from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. One trend in the smart home realm is the use of the smart hub. This is a singular device connected to the internet that allows a homeowner to control all their smart home devices, like lighting, thermostats, security cameras, and more, from one program. It reduces the need for multiple apps by acting as a gateway to each device and provides a single, central location where smart appliances and devices can be managed.

One of the most popular devices to enter the home is the virtual assistant. In the form of Amazon’s Alexa in the Echo device and the Google Home device, these virtual assistants answer questions posed to them by performing internet searches, play music, and connect to smart home applications that help you manage your home’s comfort and safety features such as adjusting the thermostat or turning on or off lights. The device goes into action when a “wake word” is spoken that prompts it to perform. GE has a smart dryer that one can now ask Amazon’s Alexa when the clothes will be finished drying. With more smart home devices and applications coming out and integrating with virtual assistants, you can be on top of everything that goes on in the house at a moment’s notice.

Home technology trends are also available to help you sleep more comfortably. One product by Zeeq is the smart pillow. It does everything from helping you stop snoring to playing lullabies. It will also gently wake you up. With its hidden microphone, it can detect how loudly a person snores to the exact decibel, and if exceeded it will vibrate to encourage a change in position. Its vibration feature can also be set to help you wake up at a specific time. The pillow is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers under its soft veneer that will play music to sing you to sleep.

Another device to help with sleep is the Chilipad mattress topper. This is a warming and cooling pad that uses a smart water pumping system to keep your bed at the optimum temperature. It can be programmed to carefully regulate temperatures on both sides of the bed separately to allow couples a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Outdoor living areas are also seeing movement in home technology trends. For those that like to spend time relaxing outside and want to watch TV while they do, outdoor televisions are finding their way into more yards and onto more decks. With adaptive picture technology that automatically adjusts multiple picture settings as lighting conditions change throughout the day, you can watch TV in your yard or on your deck without losing picture clarity or definition when lighting conditions change. Engineered to withstand weather, humidity, and extreme changes in temperatures, these outdoor TVs do not sacrifice picture quality, with several models providing ultra-high definition clarity.

From voice-controlled appliances and applications, to devices that allow for a restful night’s sleep, to the ability to enjoy a game on TV while sitting outside on your deck, home technology advances are providing easier ways to manage your home and enjoy the time you spend there with these technological conveniences.